IT Support & Consulting

Honest advice with a heavy dose of common sense.

Always on hand to assist with those painful systems issues, whether it is hardware or software, Mac or PC.

Alongside being an arty type, since 1995 there's also been a parallel track of IT geekness – born out of frustration when I needed assistance with beige Apple Macs when Illustrator 5.5 or QuarkXPress 3.32 wouldn't play ball. It soon became apparent that there was a need to balance that fine line between hardware and software issues...and it turns out that was quite unique...

Troubleshooting and consulting nationwide with Apple-based networks, servers and installations, with a specialism in print and media support. Many years spent as an Apple Authorised Service Engineer provided an excellent hands-on experience in bench repairs and also onsite diagnostics.

During this time even Windows support became something to offer the client base. The advent of cloud software subscriptions and VOIP has also made it possible for smaller consultancies like us to offer a large selection of products as a compliment to our services.

Now the accumulated knowedge and skillsets have expanded into many areas of software and hardware competencies. One thing hasn't changed though – we stand by our principles that we never oversell, always take into consideration the client's needs and budget – and will honestly tell you if we think something is a bad idea!

Here's some of our partners and solutions that we love to integrate:

Ubiquiti Networks
Dropbox Business
GFI Software
Code Two